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Since 1993

Why The Black and The White?

(What printed newspapers are commonly referred to)

In today’s world of controversial news, it is difficult to establish and support one’s own opinion intelligently. The news used to be exclusively news, and it was easy to form an opinion just by receiving the information that was presented.

Today’s media often provide current events interjected with their own subjective opinions, so unless a viewer can receive and appreciate all sides to a story, it is almost impossible to formulate an intelligent and well-reasoned position on the topic of interest. Going back and forth between stories is tedious, unless you have the time and interest to appreciate everything that is being offered.

You now have ONE place for all of your news - links to broadcasts and articles from the most liberal news outlets to the ultra-conservative! Instead of searching for alternative news sources, the information on any major topic is now easily accessible in one location.




Why is this centralized news outlet valuable? People want alternative viewpoints, and if the news you appreciate is colored by your outlet of choice, you can appreciate the divergent position in one clearinghouse.  After viewing all sides, weed out the facts and formulate your own educated opinion.

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